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Acting for Camera Academy

LBF Kids & Teens Talent Agency nurtures and supports the creative development of our kids & teens.  Classes and workshops are an integral part of the agency, so our young actors understand the expectations of auditions and casting directors, learn and develop their camera skills and grow in confidence.   All classes & workshops are held in the LBF Studio, 3b, 49 Brown St, Ponsonby.   There are 4 different types of workshops:  

1.  'Acting for Camera' Academy - weekly classes throughout the term;  

2.  LBF's Web-Series TT&T 'Teen Trials & Tribulations' Workshops - weekly workshops throughout the term;

3.  New Actor Workshops at the beginning of every term for new actors to the agency;  

4.  Refresher Workshops at the end of every term for any LBF who chooses to take part, to stay connected.  

1.  2018 'LBF Acting for Camera’ Academy:    A regular ‘Acting for Camera’ Academy running throughout the term for x8 weeks.  Designed for young actors who are working/or want to be working on the professional circuit.  Development of audition, performance techniques & skills for camera.  Taught by Liz BF.  ACTORS NEED TO BOOK INTO THE FULL PROGRAMME - these are not one off classes.   You can book a place by sending an email to

JUNIOR (7-9yrs) & INTERMEDIATE (10-12yrs) Programmes are focused on improvisation, script, camera and audition techniques. 8 x 1 hour sessions.  Cost $150.  

SENIOR TEENAGE (13-17yrs) Programmes are focused on accent work, improvisation, script, camera & audition techniques.  One session is devoted to a Standard American Accent Intensive, taught by american accent coach, Juliet Furness.  8 x 90minute sessions.  Cost $230.


Junior 7-9yrs:                    
11am - 12pm                     Saturdays      27 Oct:  3, 10, 17, 24 Nov:  1, 8, 15 Dec
Intermediate 10-12yrs:        
Class 1:  12pm - 1pm           Saturdays      27 Oct:  3, 10, 17, 24 Nov:  1, 8, 15 Dec
Class 2:   1pm - 2pm            Saturdays      27 Oct:  3, 10, 17, 24 Nov:  1, 8, 15 Dec
Senior Class 13-17yrs:    
5 - 6.30pm                            Thursdays      18, 25 Oct:  1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Nov:  6 Dec 
2.  WEB-SERIES WORKSHOPS TT&T 'Teen Trials & Tribulations':   A medium for our actors to create, shoot & deliver their work on a regular basis via their own Web Series called TT&T ’Teen Trials & Tribulations’.  This work is original and based on real highs & lows that affect teenagers.   It is relevant, fresh and up to date!  LBF have a youtube channel which this series will run from - it launches in the October holidays.  We're super excited about this initiative.  We feel it's a beautiful, organic way for our teens to gain amazing experience, and have unprecedented exposure as young actors. From an agency point of view, aside from helping to ease the frustrations of our young actors waiting for work, this will add a whole new dimension to the profiles we can share about our teens, giving our casting directors really rich insights into their talent.
There will be ONE set of TT&T Web Series Workshops each term:  x 8 two hour sessions, comprised of fourteen LBF Actors aged 12 - 17yrs.    There will also be a few days set aside to workshop & shoot in each holiday break.  These teens will be the featured actors throughout the series during the term they’re enrolled for.  There are no auditions for these places, the only prerequisites are that actors must be LBF & have completed at least 1 term of LBF Acting for Camera classes, so their camera skills are up to par.  
The first hour:  Episode scene development & workshopping, including plot points, improvisation & some scripting.  Episode content may also include music, singing, dance depending on the strengths, skill base & creative choices of actors within the group.
The second hour:  Filming of the scenes & episode excerpts
Next 24hrs:  Liz BF at LBF will edit the clips, generate & upload the new episode.  
TT&T Web-Series Workshops 12-17yrs:
3 - 5.00pm                            Saturdays      27, Oct:  3, 10, 17, 24 Nov:  1, 8, 15 Dec

3.  NEW ACTOR WORKSHOPS & PHOTO UPDATES:  Every actor 5yrs & over is required to attend an Acting for Camera & Audition workshop specifically designed for new actors to the agency.  Taught by Liz BF.

Professional headshots for our Actor's Bios are taken at this workshop by photographer Caro Ducobu.   

The next Wellington NEW ACTOR & REFRESHER WORKSHOPS tbc.

The next 2018 Auckland NEW ACTOR WORKSHOPS are scheduled on:  Sunday 21st Oct

Junior 5-7yrs:  9.30-10.30a

Intermediate 8-11yrs: 10.30-12.00pm

Senior 12-17yrs: 12.30-2.00pm  

4.  ANNUAL REFRESHER WORKSHOPS & & PHOTO UPDATES:  The main purpose of these refreshers is to retain a connection between ACTOR & AGENT. brush up on audition techniques and most importantly for us to see where our actors have travelled to in their creative development since we last worked with them.  

Liz BF will be taking these workshops.  One of our biggest challenges is to stay up to date with our actors skills & development so we can keep putting them forward for opportunities that are right for them e.g. a child or teen who's more hesitant & unsure at 6yrs or 12yrs, can be presenting a completely different picture a year later.  Their developing and growing is so rapid and we need to keep pace with it.  

There are 4 each year for 5yrs and over.  An LBF actor can go to as many of these refreshers as they choose to.    Just email Liz on to book in.  

Professional headshots to update Actor's Bios are taken at this workshop by photographer Caro Ducobu.

The next 2018 Auckland REFRESHER WORKSHOPS are scheduled on:  Sunday 9th Dec

Junior 5-7yrs:  9.30-10.30a

Intermediate 8-11yrs: 10.30-12.00pm

Senior 12-17yrs: 12.30-2.00pm